IELTS Writing このエッセイは何点貰えるでしょうか?

Posted: 2021/08/10 | By: 高橋 拓実




ここで言うIELTSスコアとは、その人がこのエッセイを書いた時と同じ時期に受けたIELTSのWriting Sectionのスコアを指します。勿論IELTSのWriting SectionにはTask1もありますので、Task2だけで点数を完全に判断できるわけではありません。また、以下のエッセイと同じクオリティが本番で出せるかどうかも分からないので、あくまで参考情報として受け止めてください。

Q) Students from rural areas often find it difficult to access university education. Some people think that it should become easier for them to study at universities. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Nowadays, it is acknowledged that students from suburban areas find it tough to receive higher education. Whether it should be made easier for them to access university education becomes an ongoing concern, which incurs a highly-charged debate.

Obviously, higher education opportunities bring about benefits to students in multiple ways. For example, to receive higher education becomes increasingly important to senior high school graduates, partly becasue it determines if they have the competitive edge in the job market, and partly because it is seen as a guarantee of a certain level of the mental ability, from the computer literacy that is required by the most employers to the capacities of acquiring new knowledge the soonest possible which is valued by the most workplaces. With a university degree, students from rural areas will obtain a job easily, thereby bettering their living conditions and their family as well.

Higher education also, however, tend to impose a heavy burden on their families since the relenting rise in the tuition fees which are - increasingly beyond those families’ ability to afford. In addition, with the mounting evidence, a university degree is not always a guarantee of seizing a decent job; therefore, their living conditions are likely to worse off by not able to earn back their tuition fee after graduation. In this way, some people argue, students from rural areas are not well-advised to pursue a university degree. But I perceive their desire to further their education should not be disrespected and the government should subsidise them to receive higher education.

In conclusion, university education should be made fair to everyone, predicated only on their academic performance and mental abilities, rather than their financial capacities and the government should subsidise those students in need.




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