IELTS Essay研究 このエッセイの良くない所は?(1)

Posted: 2022/07/26 | By: 高橋 拓実


Governments should spend money on railways rather than roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


The importance of traffic cannot be overemphasised. Such infrastructure has served as the pathway for operations, such as commuting, trading and delivery, within the nation. However, the high demand for a faster transport system has increasingly surged over the past decade, due to rapid social development and the skyrocketed the number of population. From my perspective, governments should raise expenditures on their railway or public transportation systems instead of roads. This essay will elaborate on 3 of my supporting ideas.

One salient benefit of railways can be reflected in their price. Private vehicles required substantial money to buy . Nonetheless, railway tickets can be easily affordable since the operation cost can be split by numerous passengers. Therefore, more people can enjoy the convenience of such transportation, regardless of age, purposes or social status.

Another exceptional impact is on the environment. Modern railways run on electric power; therefore, it merely emits a small number of greenhouse gases. As it is inevitable to reduce people’s mobility, the railway can serve as an eco-friendly tool for human beings to travel.

Some people may insist that expanding the number of sizes of roads could be an easy solution to the traffic problem. However, research into transportation design has provided considerable evidence that it is not only the problem of sizes but the issue of human behaviour. Expanded avenues or highways will attract more users to pour onto the road since everyone anticipated the road can bear its loading. Therefore, more and more vehicles would still stock on the roads. In this case, railways can ease the demand for road use by accelerating the number of departures. Eventually, bringing people away from the annoying traffic.

   By way of conclusion, I firmly believed that the advantages of railways outweigh the disadvantages. Governments should consider facilitating their rail infrastructure in order to improve the public’s livelihood.




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