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例)He beh(  4  ) badly, so his mother go(  1  ) angry. 
  => He behaved badly, so his mother got angry.


挑戦=>解答確認=>解説 の順で学習してみてください。難易度は1~10の中から主観で選んでいます。

(Question 17)

In a University of Pennsylvania study, one group learned about a little girl who was star(  4  ) to death, a(  6  ) learned about millions dying of hunger, and a th(  3  ) learned about both situations. People donated more than twice (  2  ) much money when hearing about (  3  ) little girl as when hearing the stat(  6  )—and even the group who'd heard her story in the context of the bigger tragedy donated l(  3  ). Psychologists think that we're wired to help the person in front of us, but when the problem feels too b(  2  ), we fig(  3  ) our little part isn't doing much.

(Question 18) 

The history of Japan’s national anthem spa(  2  ) more than a thousand years. Kimigayo is a tanka poem, made of f(  3  ) sections of 5-7-5-7-7 sound units respec(  6  ). These have been written literally since records began with the 8th Century Man’yoshu, Japan’s first poetry antho(  4  ).

Before the Heian Era, tanka had already become the dominant poetic form in Japan and fallen out of fashion (  2  ) favor of Chinese poetry (called kanshi), and then came full cir(  3  ) as Japan stopped sending envoys to China and started to look inw(  3  ) culturally.

A renewed focus on waka (Japanese poetry) le(  1  ) the Heian Era to become one of the most fruitful for Japanese liter(  5  ), especially in the imperial court. This period gave birth (  2  ) the novel form, as we(  2  ) as poetry written among the court for everything (  4  ) personal letters to the emperor’s coronation.




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