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例)He beh(  4  ) badly, so his mother go(  1  ) angry. 
  => He behaved badly, so his mother got angry.


挑戦=>解答確認=>解説 の順で学習してみてください。難易度は1~10の中から主観で選んでいます。


A prisoner’s dilemma is a decision-making a(  2  ) game theory paradox illust(  6  ) that
two ration(  2  ) individuals making decisions in their o(  2  ) self-interest cannot result in an opt(  4  ) solution. The paradox was developed by mathematicians M. Flood and M. Dresher in 1950, and the modern interpretation was concept(  7  ) by Canadian mathematician A.W. Tucker.

The prisoner’s dilemma may be expressed a(  1  ) a(  1  ) approach where individual part(  3  ) seek their welfare at the expense of (  3  ) other party. Generally, since both participants avoid cooperation in the decision-m(  5  ) process, they end up in a much wo(  3  ) condition.

In the prisoner’s dilemma theory, it is the responsibility of the two par(  4  ) to choose whe(  4  ) to collaborate or not. Either party is given the chance to defect, des(  4  ) the option of the other party. The outcomes of the prisoner’s dilemma are either beneficial or injur(  4  ) to society. Making better economic choices req(  5  ) cooperation between individuals.



Cajuns are one of the most uniq(  2  ) cultures and eth(  3  ) groups in the United States. Primarily loca(  3  ) in rural Southern Louisiana, the culture is defined by its French roots wh(  3  ) are easily seen in their own distinct Cajun French dialect, societal norms, music, and fo(  2  ). You'll see this culture throughout the southern Louisiana region known a(  1  ) Acadiana, which cov(  3  ) 22 parishes across the state. The Cajun culture is deeply infor(  3  ) by the strange and beleaguered history of the Cajun people and their ancestors, and is a culture t(  3  ) you must experience first-hand to fully unde(  6  ).




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